Smile Direct Club

I have had an actual dream come true for me. I can’t even express how excited I was to finally learn that I would be getting something I have wanted for years.
It means so much to me that the Smile Direct Club offered to sponsor my future perfect smile. As a kid and all through my junior high years, I had friends and class mates make fun of my teeth and call me “Sponge Bob Square Pants” I have been wanting to start braces and now it is happening thanks to Smile Direct Club. The best part of getting my teeth straightened, is that with Smile Direct Club, it is done with invisible aligners and it is all done at home!


I started my process in January and it was very simple and private. They give you super simple instructions of how to create your impression trays that they will be using to make your aligners. I also had to send in photos of different angles of my smile, again I was told exactly how to do them. I built a profile account and uploaded the photos. Once I had my impressions done, I put them back into the box they sent them in and took it right to the post office.  


Within just a few weeks, I was sent an email letting me know that I could see exactly how my smile was going to be transformed. It was the coolest thing. It is a 3D video that shows you tray by tray of how your teeth move into place! Each week I get emails keeping me updated on my process and a reminder every time it is time for me to change out my aligners. I wear my aligners for 22 hours a day and always brush my teeth after eating or drinking anything (other than water) before putting my aligners back in. There was very little discomfort with the first two sets of aligners and with this last one the pain was not so bad, I haven’t even taken Tylenol. With just a few weeks into my journey and I can already see results and even better, my friends have noticed the changes to! This has been so much easier than I thought and honestly it has been so much fun. I will be sharing my results each month and I hope that y’all will continue to follow along with me on my smile journey.



Here is why y'all should be excited… Smile Direct Club is allowing me to offer everyone a discount code (MILLIESMILE ) for 50% off of an impression kit or a free scan to get you started on your own perfect smile. On top of that, the Smile Direct Club aligners are 60% less than the price of other treatment offers and usually don’t require any office visits. It’s a total WIN WIN!

I hope you will join in with me and see how Smile Direct Club can change your life like they have mine!

XOXO Millie...




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