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I'm so in love with this Louboutin lip oil. It is a gorgeous color & feels as luxurious as wearing a pair of red bottoms on your lips!


I received this product complimentary from Louboutinbeaute & Octoly for review purposes

Lipstick Junkie

Something as simple as a lipstick can change your entire look and mood. That’s the motto that Lipstick Junkie has taken to heart. They start with this motto everyday because that’s how strongly they feel about it. In fact, it’s the whole reason they started the business!

Diana says that she was never a big lipstick wearer until just a few years ago. Like many women, she loved lipstick and make-up but hardly wore any due to feeling a bit intimidated and overwhelmed. One day, she had enough. She was able to muster up the courage to finally borrow a lipstick from a friend and says "it was like a switch had been flipped on"! Not only was she no longer intimidated by lipstick, but she had moved on from wearing safe colors to bold and vibrant lipstick as well. 

That’s what led to Diana & Anthony to create Lipstick Junkie. They want women (and even men!) to be comfortable in expressing themselves how they want with their lipstick. We know how intimidating beauty and make-up stores can be. We’re all too familiar with pushy beauty reps and rude customer service. This is where Lipstick Junkie comes in! They want their customers to feel safe trying new colors and experimenting in the comfort of their own home. Their hope is that with a little more confidence, you will never feel ashamed again for wanting to express yourself with a bold purple or even a vibrant green!

Diana & Anthony Dao
PO Box 9668
Westheimer Rd. Suite 200
PO Box 230
Houston, TX 77063.
(Instagram) @lipstickjunkiebox
(Website) lipstickjunkiebox.com


Fox Brim

Fox Brim is an all natural and non cruelty line of beauty and health products that includes moisturizers, cleansers, serums and toners for your face, body and hair. I have just started a hair care routine that they personally choose for me. When we talked about what I was interested in, I told them that I have serious bad split ends and was having to get my hair cut way more then I wanted to. In the before and after pictures of my hair, that was only one use! 

Foxbrim doesn’t aim to change the way you look and feel, but to enhance your innate beauty with their all-natural products.

Foxbrim sources the finest natural ingredients, then works with experts to craft scientifically proven products that enhance your natural beauty and give you the confidence you need to live the life you want. 

When you look good, you feel good. And at Foxbrim, our mission is to bring out the best in you.


Email - cs@foxbrim.com

Instagram - foxbrim (you can link to the website through the Instagram)

(863) 968-6580


Smile Brilliant

So much fun getting to collaborate with Smile Brilliant. This first step was such and easy process! @smilebrilliant 

First- Brush and floss well!


1. Mix the blue and the white molding putty together and place in one tray at a time. 

2. Press the tray to your top and bottom teeth (separate times) firmly to get a good impression. Keep in for 30 seconds. 

3. Remove the tray and let sit for 30 minutes. 

4. Place both trays in the addressed packaging and add your information card. 

5. Pop in the mail. How simple right! 

The trays will be shipped back in about 1 week. Once I get them back I will post the next steps. 

Thanks for following along with me on my way to a new Smile Brilliant Smile.

Soap and Glory

I have always loved Soap & Glory so, now that I am getting to be one of their Glambassadors and test out some of the coolest new products, is a dream come true. Like seriously someone pinch me! Soap & Glory is the funnest brand out there, I could stand in a store and read all of their labeling for hours.  

For the last week I have been using the Thick & Fast mascara and I have to say it is one of my favorites. I have found myself using it only for special occasions so I don't run out! I also got the sexy mother pucker lip gloss in the color "rose & shine" along with blush compact called "love at first blush" I am using just a touch to add a shimmery glow. Sad note... I have used the "clean on me" creamy shower gel all up but, because I did really like how it felt and smelled I will be buying some. Now the funny product they added, it is a lip plumper named "pillow plump" and if y'all have noticed I don't know that my lips need any more plumping!!! Lol. I did try it and it dose fell warm and tingly so I know it was doing its job. I have attached the Soap & Glory website below

Website - www.soapandglory.com/us

Email - winnersusa@soapandglory.com

Instagram- soapandgloryusa


Conture Skincare



Instagram  - @contureskincare 





Well prepare to get addicted! When Mrs. Jessica brought me on as a brand ambassador for the @lalicious_la  Lalicious beauty line I was super excited and when it came in the mail I was actually in love with this company before I even used any of the products. The packaging and personal details were absolute class.

Instagram -  @laticious_la



Los Angeles, California